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Greek Mountain Tea Organic GRAND(35g)

Fine Hellenic mountain tea with premium taste, bright color, and rich aromas - Perfect for a relaxing beverage. BIO & Vegan Certified product. More

Content: 35g / Shipping 1-3 days*

  • From the mount Olympus in your mug!

    Grown naturally under the mount Olympus, it is carefully picked by hand respectful to the environment. It is dried on stainless steel shelves in a shady place away from light and humidity.

    From its production to the packaging, 100% of organic processes are followed - BIO & Vegan Certified product.

Mountain tea: a natural treasure for the human body

The popular mountain tea is very familiar, especially in the Mediterranean countries. It is widely known for its nutritional value and rich beneficial properties. It is known as fine Greek mountain tea touVounou with premium taste, bright color, and rich aromas.


Um unseren Tee zu genießen, geben Sie 1- 2 Zweige in die speziell entwickelte Teekanne „Carafe D' Olympe“ und füllen Sie diese mit sprudelnd kochendem Wasser auf.  Lassen Sie den Bergtee 2 bis 7 Minuten ziehen. Je länger er zieht, desto intensiver die Farbe und das Aroma. 

Carafe D' Olympe

Cup & Carafe D' Olympe made of high quality heat and cold resistant material - a branded cup designed so that you can enjoy the authentic taste of your drink by releasing all its fragrance. 


Cup & Carafe D' Olympe aus hochwertigem hitze- und kältebeständig Material- eine gebrandete Tasse so entworfen, dass Sie den authentischen Geschmack Ihres Getränkes genießen, dadurch dass sie all seinen Duft freisetzt. 

Icetea - Greek mountain tea & pomegranate juice

Fine Icetea -Greek mountain tea without sugar, strong taste, light color and natural pomegranate juice.

Greek mountain tea, refill pack (refill)

Reduse, Reuse, Recycle ... Refill

You can also use the option of only buying the refill pack and enjoy your favorite tea at a lower price.

Organic & Vegan Certified

Our Greek Mountain tea is controlled by DE-ÖKO-003 - products from our production site in Greece are checked by local control bodies.

100% organic, 100% vegan, 0% additives free from sugar or gluten.

100% real Greek mountain tea - Sideritis Scardia

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