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Luxury teas & herbs Terre d’Olympe are the pure essence of the rich land of Olympus. Naturally grown and carefully selected by our tea experts, their premium taste with the extraordinaire aromas could be the most lovely part of your daily habits. Enjoy them as hot beverages or cold drinks that give physical and mental rejuvenation.

Our BranD

Mount Olympus was not chosen by accident to symbolize the divine presence on earth and to capture those elements of nature that intervene in stranger ways in people's lives and restore balance. Although the legend of mount Olympus is world-known identified as the "House of the Gods", they are the mighty beneficial properties of his land and its derivatives which have always resided there, that keep alive the astonishing myth surrounding its name.

The divine power of mount Olympus is real. Only it does not come from the gods of mythology but its rich land.

Terre D’ Olympe tea & herbs are the combination of the uniqueness of the ingredients and the incomparable quality that gives wellness and harmony to human life. They grow on the most peaceful slopes of Olympus. They are produced and prepared reverently respectful to the environment before traveling to your cup with special care so that their aromas and beneficial properties are preserved unspoiled.

Our Vision

Our vision behind the taste ...

When we decided to create the Terre D’Olympe tea & herbs, our goal was to offer the public quality drinks, through the rich tradition of the land of Olympus, from ingredients known for their healing properties.