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Terre d’ Olympe respects its customers and makes sure that the organic or vegetarian products that it sells have the appropriate certifications that prove their quality.

Our company’s products that have the following certifications have undergone the necessary inspections and it has been verified that they satisfy all the criteria that these control bodies have set so as to bear the respective label. 

More particularly, the organic or vegetarian products that Terre d’ Olympe sells to the public bear suitable labelling from one of the following control bodies:

  • Control body for organic certification in Greece(http://www.dionet.gr/): According to the European legislation, the organization DIO is an authorized Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products that has been accredited by the Hellenic Ministry of Agricultural Development and Food. Our products that bear this labelling have been inspected by DIO.
  • International Vegan Certification (https://www.v-label.eu/de): The products that have been certified by V-Label satisfy all the necessary requirements so that they can be consumed by people who have adopted a vegetarian diet.
  • Certification of organic inspection in Germany(https://www.lacon-institut.com/): Lacon is a control body that certifies organic products according to ISO/EN 17065 and thus, it ensures and inspects their quality. Consumers can see this labelling on the products that Lacon has certified as organic products.
  • Organic labelling of Germany (https://www.oekolandbau.de/verarbeitung/verkauf/kennzeichnung/bio-kennzeichung/bio-auslobung/): Our products that bear the labelling of Bio-Siegel have the national certification of Germany that they are organic products and that during their cultivation the European legislation for organic farming was followed.

The quality of our products and our customers’ trust are the main priority for Terre d’ Olympe. This is why we make sure that our organic or vegetarian products have the right certifications so that the customers can always feel confident about the products that they purchase.

Look at the labelling on our products and get informed about their certification as organic or vegetarian products.