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Griechischer Bergtee ΒΙΟ GRAND (35g)

Griechischer Bergtee ΒΙΟ PETIT (15g)

Cup D' Olympe

Carafe D' Olympe

Carafe MINI D' Olympe


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aus Wildkräutern & Thymian

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Honig Trio-Set MINI


Griechsicher Bergtee

Terre De Crète - Honig


Nachfüllpacks (Refills)

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Coupon D' Olympe

Organic Greek Mountain Tea, refill pack (refill)

Terre d ’Olympe always takes on a pioneering role with regard to your own needs and designs refill packs for the variants Grand (35 gr.) And Petit (15 gr.).

You can also use the option of only buying the refill pack and enjoy your favorite tea at a lower price.

Act sustainably by reusing the specially designed Grand and Petit containers when giving preference to the refills. Olympus with a unique aroma and amazing beneficial properties.