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What is Greek Mountain tea?

What is Greek Mountain tea?

Mountain tea: a natural treasure for the human body

The popular mountain tea is very familiar, especially in the Mediterranean countries. It is widely known for its nutritional value and rich beneficial properties.

Greek Mountain Tea

Its official name is Sideritis and its different species grow exclusively in various areas throughout Greece. Specifically on Mount Olympus lives the Sarditis (Sideritis scardica). All species are resistant to heat and drought and grow among the rocks.

The plant Sideritis

Mountain tea is an herbaceous plant that reaches 30 cm in height, with thin and round branches and fluffy leaves. The flowers are usually pink or purple or yellow and are in inflorescences. Its different varieties are found in mountainous and stony areas mainly and all give off a wonderful aromatic smell.

An important fact is that all Greek species are threatened with extinction due to their uncontrolled collection and only recently began its cultivation in Greece. For this reason, the team of Terre d’Olympe attaches special importance to the careful production of the plant with great respect for its natural preservation and cultivation. Planting is recommended in two seasons, from October to November and from February to March (in the northern hemisphere), and harvesting in July, when it is in full bloom. The plant is typically dried before use.

From its production to the packaging, 100% of organic processes are followed - BIO & Vegan Certified product. Our Greek Mountain tea is controlled by DE-ÖKO-003 - products from our production site in Greece are checked by local control bodies.

Mountain tea

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