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Why should you drink tea instead of coffee in the morning?

Most people are used to drinking coffee in the morning to "wake up" and thus get the energy they need to get on with the day.

However, when we replace our morning coffee with a Terre D'Olympe mountain tea, we actually benefit from our drink by making a healthy choice.

Unlike coffee, mountain tea does not contain caffeine, so we can avoid the side effects of daily caffeine intake.

Most importantly, of course, mountain tea can affect us positively as it has antioxidant and other beneficial properties that are linked to significant health benefits for our immune system and they can help us fight oxidative stress.

Daily consumption of mountain tea strengthens the immune and nervous systems while also having other positive effects on the body and mind.

Choose a healthy drink for breakfast and replace your coffee with Terre D'Olympe mountain tea. Observe the change in your energy and health levels for yourself.


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