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Honey helps in the fight against cardiovascular diseases

Honey is a type of food that is rich in flavonoids. It has been scientifically proven that flavonoids can benefit our cardiovascular system because they reduce the activity of the platelets, they prevent LDL oxidation and they improve the dilation of the arteries (Khalil et al., 2010).

According to research, honey can inhibit blood coagulation and reduce fibrinogen levels. For this reason, it prevents the formation of atherosclerotic plaque which leads to heart disease (Ahmed et al, 2011).

Polyphenols, which can be found in honey, protect us from free radicals as they combat lipid peroxidation. In this way, they can prevent the formation of atherosclerotic plaque (Makedou et al., 2012; Hegazi et al., 2009).

These mechanisms, with which honey affects the human body, significantly benefit our cardiovascular system.

Adopt a diet that is rich in honey and make the first step towards the prevention of cardiovascular disease.


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