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Greek mountain tea preparation

How to prepare an enjoyable warm Greek mountain tea. 

The mountain tea from Terre de Olympe is an organic tea from Mount Olympus, it is characterized by its outstanding aroma, its unique taste and its rich properties.

Preparation is an art in itself. If we follow the correct instructions, our hot drink will taste wonderful and its beneficial effect on our health will be increased even more.


  • We boil about 1 liter of water and pour it into the specially designed Carafe from Terre D 'Olympe.
  • We add 1-2 branches of mountain tea to the hot water and we leave the branches in the for 2-7 minutes Carafe with closed lid.
  • The more minutes the branches stay in the hot water, the more our hot drink is strengthened in terms of taste, color and aroma!
  • To make our mountain tea taste better, we can add a few drops of tea, a little honey, cinnamon, peppermint and ginger, depending on the taste result we want to achieve.

With the aforementioned dosage, we prepare 3 cups of mountain tea and then put it in your favorite cup Cup touVounou to enjoy.

If you want to enjoy a larger amount of mountain tea, you can again add about 1 liter of boiled water Carafe touVounou add and use the same number of branches and follow the same procedure again. The newly made tea will have the same excellent taste as at the beginning.