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Terre D' Olympe kalter Bergtee mit Chios-Mastix nimmt Sie mit auf eine Reise mit dem reichen Aroma von griechischem Tee und Chios-Mastix und gibt Ihnen ein besonderes Erlebnis griechischer Aromen
Unlike coffee, mountain tea does not contain caffeine, so we can avoid the side effects of daily caffeine intake.
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day because it gives us the energy we need for the rest of the day.

In the past few years, research has shown that mountain tea plays an important role in the fight against various microbes, bacteria and fungi.

Honey is a type of food that is rich in flavonoids.
The island has three large mountain ranges: the White Mountains or Lefka Ori (2.453 m), the Idi Range or Psiloritis (2.456 m) and the Dikti Mountains (2.148 m).
Since antiquity, honey has been part of our diet because it is rich in nutrients and it has unique properties.
More particularly, tea from mount Olympus has been found to decrease the plaque deposit rate of amyloid-β by 21% and thus, delay the progress of the disease and help in the fight against it (Heiner et al., 2018, Hofrichter et al., 2016).
In this way, mountain tea can help to regulate glucose and cholesterol levels by improving the mechanisms that metabolize them.
According to researchers, honey can have a beneficial effect on diabetes type 1 and type 2 because it can reduce blood glucose concentration (Rohlfling et al., 2002).
Mountain tea is a protection shield for the stomach and drinking it on a regular basis is a good nutritional habit that can protect us from potential future gastric problems.
In jüngsten Untersuchungen wurde festgestellt, dass der Griechische Bergtee zur Bekämpfung von verschiedenen psychologischen Erkrankungen beiträgt,  die mit der Störung der neurotransmitterischen Fähigkeit von Monoamin zusammenhängen, wie Stress und Depression.